T shirt.in

T shirt.in was started in 2009 with an aim to penetrate the Indian Retail market in a big way by providing the Best quality T shirts to Indian Consumers. The Indian retail market does not witness the best quality of Tshirts which are being exported to US and EU from Tirupur and Ludhiana. In order to provide the best quality un-branded tshirts at the lowest possible rates, we have the state of the art manufacturing process with quality systems. The Indian Retail market is cluttered with too many Brands, where the consumer pays for the branding cost, advertising cost, High Rentals and high retail expenditure. This has resulted in Highly priced Tshirts in stores. All the brands operate with 3X to 5X pricing modules where the cost price goes from a minimum of 3 times to 5 times to fix as Selling price or MRP. Hence t shirt.in was very careful not to make a brand name, not to advertise, not to have retail stores and thereby able to reduce the cost by 1/3rd and pass on the benefit to its customers.

Tshirt.in caters to Men, women and teens and the good thing is customers can design their own merchandise and make their online shopping experience, a pleasant and exciting one.

We would like to replace the retail shops with online shopping for T shirts in India, making tshirt.in the destiny for ever demanding hi-fashion individuals, corporates, clubs and event makers.