Stanley Ventures


Although most of our investments are made in companies that were referred to us by our limited partners, existing portfolio company executives, and other professionals with whom we have a relationship, can also do business with us. Yes, it helps if you know "someone who knows someone at Stanley Ventures," but if you don't, you should still submit your executive summary or investor presentation to us at every submission that comes in—whether through a referral or not.

Once we receive the required materials, one of our investment professionals reviews it to determine whether the company meets our criteria. If it does, we will contact you to begin the due diligence process.

While our investment decisions are often made quickly, the due diligence process that follows—including meetings between your company's management team and the Stanley Ventures investment team, a market analysis including a review of your company's competitors, reference checks on your management team, and customer reference calls—necessarily takes up to four to six weeks to complete.

After the due diligence process is complete, Stanley Ventures directors meet to make an investment decision. We require consensus that an investment is attractive before we make an investment. Once we decide to invest, the legal process can take up to four weeks to complete before we make our initial investment.

Investment Terms

The fund will, to the extent possible, follow the investment terms proposed by the syndicate, including the structure and price of any investment and will invest in equity (or equity-like instruments) alongside other syndicate partners. It is anticipated that many investments will be compliant with the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) but this is not a criteria for funding.

In order to ensure that investment objectives are aligned, the syndicate or its associates must not already have an interest in the investee company prior to the funding round (although it is possible that other investors in the overall round will already be investors in the business). The Angel Fund may not hold more than 30% of the total equity of the target company immediately following the funding round. Syndicates and other investors may also be required to consider any applicable State Aid restrictions as a result of other investments.

Subsequent Funding Rounds and New Opportunities

The Angel Fund is designed to participate in a syndicate in the same way as any other business angel and as such will be able to participate in all future investment rounds for the portfolio company. All follow-on investments will be subject to the approval of the Investment Committee. The Angel Fund will also be entitled to participate in all new eligible company investments which the syndicate undertakes.